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Things I need to say to people

by on November 22, 2020

I’ve been musing about stuff that I need to tell people in my life, but probably won’t.

There are so many things that people need to hear. Sometimes the pain others cause is inexcusable. Other times, people just cannot see past their own nose or biases to notice that their actions are against their own self-interest. Or worse, the things they do often impact their own or their children’s best interest.

Too many times I’ve held my tongue instead of telling people that they need to pay closer attention to their actions. When you do your child’s homework, you aren’t helping the child to do better in life. You aren’t teaching them to be self-sufficient. You are teaching them to be co-dependent and aren’t giving them the tools they need to learn how to actually study or retain information. Too often in college, I saw kids that didn’t know how to study and ended up failing out after the first semester or so.

When you allow your child to pitch a temper tantrum and get out of doing their homework by doing it for them, you are raising a child that cannot possibly succeed.

Or worse, you teach your child that it’s ok to NOT take responsibility. When you allow your child to shirk their duties, you may have raised a spoiled, irresponsible child.

When you turn your back on someone who is trying to explain the faulty actions you’ve taken are hurting others, you foster hurt feelings or worse, anger and remorse at having spent so much time trying to help you see your horrid actions.

Then there’s the greater need to explain to the ignorant or uneducated that continually supports an administration that has done more harm to our national and international discourse that it will take YEARS to remedy. Yet, you know they won’t listen.

We’ve seen some of the most unprecedented lawlessness from 45’s actions and his administration – to the point that several in his inner circle are now either in jail or going to jail – and there are still people that support him. How do you get them off this “they are all crooks” mantra?

It’s absolute bullshit.

All of it.

I used to listen to talk radio daily. Now, I am so disgusted by the goings on in the world that I am ready to check out.

How have we come so far down a dark spiral that we no longer listen to one another? I admit that I shut people out – especially when they talk nonsense and lies.

Now that age and time have etched their footprints across my face, I no longer care that I piss you off. I simply don’t care.

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